Positive vote by EASA Committee for Part-SFCL !

After several years effort by a number of dedicated volunteers, and with theconstant support of EGU Members, we are delighted to tell you that the EASACommittee of the European Commission today approved the new regulationson Sailplane Flight Crew Licensing. The formal announcements will bepublished by the Commission in due course, and we expect that the new ruleswill come into force in April 2020, accompanied by a 12 month transitionperiod to full compliance by all EASA members in April 2021.This is great news for gliding associations, clubs, and pilots. It simplifies therules that would otherwise have applied greatly.The work of the EGU will shift from leading the development of the new rulesto working with EGU members in understanding them and planning theirimplementation. This will take place alongside the EGU’s other areas of focuson airspace, airworthiness and maintenance, and safety.